T99-AS3237 称重传感器

The Sherborne T99-AS3237 series are strain gauge based shear force sensing load cells incorporating cylindrical ends to facilitate the mounting of bearings direct to the load cell. They are machined from stainless steel and have high resistance to overload, shock and corrosion. The transducer is fully compensated for the effects of temperature on the zero output and sensitivity and employs precision transducer quality bonded strain gauges as the primary transduction element. The load cell is ideal for web tension measurement and the control of winding machinery.

  1. 不锈钢材质

  2. 高能力防过载、震动和腐蚀

  3. 零点输出和灵敏度对温度补偿

  4. 张力应用

Type Number T99-AS3237

Operational Mode Shear Force

Recommended Excitation Voltage VDC 10

Maximum Excitation Voltage VDC 15

Input Resistance Ohms 380±20

Output Resistance Ohms 350±5

Full scale load 5000 kg

Maximum load without damage 7500 kg

Full scale output 3.00 ±0.25% mV/Volt

Non-Repeatability ±0。015 % Full Scale

Zero balance ±1.00 % Full Scale

Creep ±0。03 % Full Scale Max

Mechanical Stiffness 1x10-5 mm/kg


Operating temperature range -40 to +80 °C

Compensated temperature range -10 to +40 °C

Environmental protection level IEC529 IP67

Thermal Zero Shift 0.0025 ± % Full Scale/°C (max)

Thermal Sensitivity Shift 0.005 ± % Reading/°C (max)


Electrical connection 4 metre integral cable

Documentation Individual calibration data sheet

Dimensions See Drawing A3/OL/22265

T99-AS3237/SS 2000kg

T99-AS3237/SS 5000kg

T99-AS3237-202  2T

T99-AS3237-502  5T




T99-AS3503/SS   2000kg

T99-AS3503/SS   5000kg



T99-AS3503-202  2T

T99-AS3503-502  5T

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